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A Leader in the Precision Machining Industry

Although it is a popular cliché it is an unavoidable reality, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  The same is true for complex systems.  In the increasingly intricate world of technology, the performance of entire systems rests on the integrity of each of its components.  That is why selecting a supplier is such crucial decision.  For years our customers have chosen PDS when they require precision machined components and assemblies to support their demanding project requirements.


The foundation of our philosophy is a strong management commitment to the techinical, operational, and quality excellence that are the hallmark of our daily operations:

  • Do it right the first time
  • Develop strong professional relationships with our customers
  • Use a team approach to problem solving in order to utilize the knowledge and talents that each of our people bring to the project
  • Continually extend our capabilities by acquiring new technologies and equipment to maintain our industry leadership

It is this philosophy that has made us a leader in the industry and earned us a designation as an Impact Company by the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance as well as a finalist for the 2013 Governor's ImPAct Award for Community Impact.  


Quality and Innovative Machining Solutions Since 1945

Primarily supporting the defense and aerospace industries, PDS has been producing the highest quality precision machined parts for over 60 years.  The PDS workforce consists of highly skilled and dedicated journeyman machinists and toolmakers, as well as a management team committed to the continual improvement to every aspect of our business.  Because of this wealth of experience, PDS has received multiple top supplier awards in its 60 year history.


Manufacturer of the Year Nominee 10/14


Our Region's Business 11/12


Cutting Tool Engineering 3/12